Now for my first BAD Review!

Well, you can’t please everybody. Here’s my first less than enthusiastic review in New Books Magazine:

The Dropout is a book about Paul dropping out of university and returning home. Interestingly, only the first half is written from his perspective, in the second half other points of view are recorded. It was good to get the background to some of the characters and I was interested all the way through. However, the characters were a little unpleasant and I can’t say I warmed to any of them, especially the lead character Paul.

I also found that the plot was tied up in quite a lazy way (you’ll understand if you read it but I don’t want to give away the whole plot!) and it didn’t quite seem believable as a story.

I don’t think I would read anything else by this author and I think that the amount of sex scenes may make it an uncomfortable discussion at a book group.
Reviewed by: Nicky Hallam – Exeter

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