The Author – and the Critics

   The Author

Originally earmarked for the Methodist Mission Field, I soon discovered that ‘the missionary position’ didn’t suit me. A post-university career in telecommunications took me to the Middle East where I moonlighted as a journalist and socialized heavily with the ‘natives’ and with stewardesses from one of the local airlines, which came in handy when I started writing Shaikh-Down.

I now live a few miles outside Brighton in southeast England.

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Reading from THE BEXHILL MISSILE CRISIS at Peckham Library, a Paradise Press event, March 2015
Reading from THE BEXHILL MISSILE CRISIS at Peckham Library, a Paradise Press event, March 2015

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The Critics

What the critics said about LILLIAN AND THE ITALIANS

“Gee captures the style and elegance of 1960s Venice and Amalfi in this beautifully written tale of a mother in search of her enigmatic son. He eludes her but instead she unexpectedly finds love herself, after she had resigned herself to having no more emotional life. Lillian and the Italians captures the 60s Zeitgeist in the way that recalls Jess Walter’s 2012 Beautiful Ruins and the memoirs of Dirk Bogarde. Gee has a real sense of location, capturing the colour and warmth of Italy, the flowers and the scent of the sea breeze and contrasting it with the amiable stuffiness of English provincial life of the time; reading his prose is like looking at the saturated tones of postcards and magazines of the period.”  Katie Hutton, author of  The Gypsy Bride and The Gypsy’s Daughter

“My favorite character – by far – was Italy.  This book was the PERFECT read for me.  The descriptiveness that Gee bestows on his readers is remarkable.  I could taste the wine, I could hear the water and see the beautiful sights of Venice.” Allison D. on The Book Review Crew blog

“This book really tugs at your heart strings and yet shows you how the world and society can be still clinging on to the old ways, even though the younger generation are straining at their leashes to be free and wild. We see Lilian learn a lot about herself and how strong and determined she can be, even when there are shocks and grief to overcome. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Italy, romance, danger and yes, young careless and rascally men, and yet one woman will outshine them both.” Zoe’s Book Nook

“There’s a long and honourable tradition in literature of chilly Englishwomen finding themselves abroad and this is in many ways a fine addition to that canon. It’s very well-written, perfectly paced and finely plotted.” Elaine Graham-Leigh, author of The Caduca

“A trip to rekindle her relationship with her errant son becomes a voyage of rebirth and discovery for the widowed Lillian. Beautifully descriptive. The sights, culture and smells of the Mediterranean are richly bought to life as Lillian blossoms in the company of Massimo.” Amazon Review


Paperback: Lillian and the Italians

E-book: Lillian and the Italians

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What the critics said about THE BEXHILL MISSILE CRISIS

“David Gee’s latest novel The Bexhill Missile Crisis takes the ingenious idea of following the week-long development of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 and using it as a lynch-pin to examine the sexual interplay within a group of disparate individuals gathered at a country house in Bexhill. There is much period detail to remind us, with a degree of humour, of the tastes and behaviour of the early 1960s and of the very real threat that was averted at the time.”    Chris Sussex on Amazon

“Part thrilling, part amusing, part fiction, part reality. One of these books that you can’t just put down – interesting characters and plot twists to get you going. It kept me guessing the entire time, never being entirely sure what will happen next. The Bexhill Missile Crisis characters live in turbulent times, and the author does a great job building on the social norms and expectations of that period.”     Symeon Ververidis on Amazon

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What the critics said about THE DROPOUT

“David Gee’s tongue-in-cheek, if dark, social and sexual satire (a sort of cross between David Lodge and Tom Sharpe) leads us through a topsy-turvy world of sexual shenanigans and unconventional relationships conducted behind the outwardly respectable façade of small town life, a façade which the return of the prodigal son, Paul, cracks wide open, to reveal the unsavoury secrets lurking behind it.

This is a highly-absorbing, entertaining and ultimately satisfying read, and one which I would unhesitatingly recommend.”

Tim Bennett-Gordon in Polari Magazine

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 What the critics said about SHAIKH-DOWN

 “Witty, entertaining, raunchy and very well written.”
Peter O’Donnell, creator of  MODESTY BLAISE
“A delicious, laugh-out-loud, randy romp through the myopic and bawdy world of Gulf expatriate life, set against the chilling winds of change.”Jack Scott,  author of  PERKING THE PANSIES
“Ribald and politically incorrect. Set in a fictitious but absolutely believable Arab state where sheikhs and their minions are locked in a life-and-death struggle to survive the relentless move towards democracy. Entertaining.”
Probably a Zionist plot masterminded by the CIA to undermine the good image of morally irreproachable Gulf Arabs.” GULF TIMES

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