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12 August 2022

Now on Kindle and available from Amazon UK/USA/Australia and elsewhere. Print edition should be available very soon. Please hurry to buy it and tell all your friends about it!




Two tales from Hollywood in the 1990s. An ‘alternative’ Hollywood, in which stars such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe are still alive and working.

Soap-Stud: the rise to TV fame of a hunky lifeguard from San Diego.

Blue-Movie Girl: the rise to infamy of a mixed-race girl from Arizona who yearns to be an actress but settles for a career in porno.

David Godolphin (aka David Gee): Godolphin was my first pen-name when I was moonlighting as a journalist in Qatar. And Florence of Arabia (the first version of Shaikh-Down) was published under the name of David Godolphin.


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December 2021

Peddling my wares at the Brighton Book Fayre

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20 August 2021

Splendid new review of LILLIAN on Amazon:

A trip to rekindle her relationship with her errant son becomes a voyage of rebirth and discovery for the widowed Lillian. Beautifully descriptive. The sights, culture and smells of the Mediterranean are richly bought to life as Lillian blossoms in the company of Massimo.”

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26 April 2021

Looking for her “rolling stone” son in 1960s Italy, an English widow uncovers disturbing secrets and begins a dangerous romance with a charismatic Sicilian prince. 

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paperback: Lillian and the Italians

e-book:  Lillian and the Italians


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October 1962. Kennedy and Krushchev take the world to the nuclear precipice. In a normally sedate town on the south coast of England four middle-class misfits are taken to a brink of their own by Pilgrim, a  mysterious marauder on a motorbike.

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(Currently only available as an e-book)



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TheDropout. cover


Looking for a woman to love, college dropout Paul makes some bad choices. And he has to learn how to handle gay overtures. In this new take on The Graduate,  Paul’s ‘Mrs Robinson’ turns out to be his ‘Madame Bovary’.

Currently unavailable, but a new edition may be launched in the future





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An American air-hostess with Page-Three-Girl boobs and a gay British banker help to kickstart an ‘Arab Spring’ on the Persian Gulf island of Belaj. Will it be the dawn of a new era of peace and love in the Muslim world – or maybe … Armageddon?

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(Currently only available as an e-book)


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THE AUTHOR tells you all you need to know (all I want you to know!) about my life as a writer – and the critics tell you what they think of me as a writer (samples below):


“Witty, entertaining, raunchy and very well written.” Peter O’Donnell, creator of Modesty Blaisereviewing Shaikh-Down

“David Gee’s tongue-in-cheek, if dark, social and sexual satire (a sort of cross between David Lodge and Tom Sharpe) leads us through a topsy-turvy world of sexual shenanigans and unconventional relationships. Polari Magazine, reviewing The Dropout

My favorite character- by far- was Italy.  The descriptiveness that Gee bestows on his readers is remarkable.  I could hear the water and see the beautiful sights of Venice.”  The Book Review Crew, reviewing Lillian and the Italians

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ODDS & SODS: some short pieces written at different times

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