After the Arab Spring — comes the Arab Fall


SHAIKH-DOWN offers a timely blueprint for Regime Change on an island in the Persian Gulf. This spicy comedy has a sharp sting in its tail.


Published in 2009 – 18 months before the Arab World erupted into its current wave of unrest – David Gee’s “prophetic” novel offers an alternative scenario for a bloodless (well, almost) revolution on an imaginary (well, almost) island in the Persian Gulf, an island called Belaj, linked by a causeway to the United Arab Emirates.


Thirty years ago, Shaikh Khalid bin Khalifa al-Khazi , the Emir of Belaj, stole the throne of the tiny oil-rich island from his uncle. Now BARF (the Belaj Armed Revolutionary Front) plans to dethrone Shaikh Khalid and install a republic. Their campaign attracts some unlikely allies: a pneumatic American airhostess and a gay British banker.

At the end of the novel David Gee gazes into his crystal ball and imagines the possible repercussions of a successful coup in one of the Gulf States. A tsunami of revolutions sweeps through the region, toppling all the tyrannical regimes.

Fleeing into exile, the King of Bahrain is killed when his car hits a camel.

The rulers of the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia are deposed (or executed).

Will this happen? Will all the tyrant rulers flee or die?

Will all Arabia see the Dawn of Democracy?

Or will it be “Whoops, Apocalypse“?

What about Israel?

And what has happened to put ‘Queen Anne’ on the throne of England?

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An earlier version of Shaikh-Down was published as David Godolphin’s Florence of Arabia in 1999 (Citron Press) and sold a few hundred copies. Unfortunately an American author recycled the title, so I had to rename the book in 2009. I also renamed myself.

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FOLLOW THE LINKS to read Extracts from the Book and learn How and Why David Gee decided to write Shaikh-Down after a boy who worked with him in Bahrain was ‘disappeared’ by the Security Police (an event he recreates in the novel). 

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