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The Dropout is a 21st-century ‘coming-of-age’ drama that offers a sly, edgy new twist on themes from The Graduate and American Pie.

” … a topsy-turvy world of sexual shenanigans and unconventional relationships conducted behind the outwardly respectable façade of small town life.”  Polari online review

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19-year-old Paul Barrett is having a tough time at university. His American girlfriend Meredith is a Silver  Ring virgin who won’t put out. Their best friend Neil has a worrying crush on Paul. When Meredith dumps Paul and Neil commits suicide, Paul drops out of uni and retreats to his hometown on the south coast. He goes to work for his uncle Jack, selling leather furniture to continental buyers.

Two more women enter Paul’s life: Jenny, his uncle’s foxy stepdaughter; and Christine, Jack’s gold-digging mistress, the office receptionist. 21-year-old Jenny has a problem vagina but she doesn’t let it cramp her style. Christine, 35, thinks she’s going to be Paul’s ‘Mrs Robinson’ but maybe she will be his ‘Madame Bovary‘.

Paul also attracts another gay admirer at the factory; how will he deal with it this time?

Paul’s is the young voice of today – always hoping to get laid, it takes him a while to realise that what he’s really looking for is love.

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The Dropout is currently (2021) unavailable in print or e-book, unless you can find it on e-bay. A new edition is planned.


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