David at the movies: Have we seen this before?



A pair of feuding divorcees reunite to block their daughter marrying a guy they consider unsuitable.  In Ticket to Paradise we have George Clooney and Julia Roberts recycling characters they’ve played before with a romcom  plotline that’s been used many times: Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable – all the way back to the silent movie era.. The setting is Fiji, which makes for beautiful backdrops, and their daughter is marrying a cute Fijian seaweed-farmer, which gives the movie an eco-friendly vibe.

And it works – sort of. Despite the second-hand story (and performances) the movie has enough pace and the cast enough charm to keep you entertained for 104 minutes. It’s not a spoiler to say you can see the ending from a mile off – in fact you can predict the ending before the movie starts! Familiarity doesn’t have to breed contempt, although it will probably do so for more hard-bitten viewers.

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